Baby Photo Shoot

I just love taking baby pictures. I first became obsessed with my own first little one (don’t we all?) and then the obsession grew as my photography skills grew. Now I’m so honored that I can be the one to take a fantastic photo shoot free for a friend that might otherwise never be able to afford those adorable professional portraits.

So without further ado, I present you Samuel and all his soft new little parts.


2 thoughts on “Baby Photo Shoot

    • Oh honey…didn’t used to be this way! đŸ˜‰ Here’s the thing that changed everything for me. #1 – Turn the flash OFF…NO MATTER WHAT! Your pics will automatically look great. Even in the dark, move a lamp over or candle or anything else and still keep that flash off! #2 – Get WAY up close. Closer than you think you should be. Fill your frame with a face or whatever it is. #3 – Practice different angles then just in front. #4 – Take advantage of natural light. I will almost always take my pictures in that 8-10 AM morning light range or that 4-7 PM evening light range. This particular day I took the baby to the park and put him under a tree. It was mid afternoon (horrible for picture taking) but the leaves of the tree filtered the light just enough to make it pretty. Love you, sis. You will get there! Plus, now you have a cool camera. Do these few things and everything will change for you.

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