Happy Birthday, Princess!

Happy 4th Birthday, baby girl!!!!

We love you sooooooo much.

Have a great day at Chucky Cheese.

P.S. You look beautiful in your princess dress!

Love, mommy and daddy

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Princess!

  1. Amy;
    Robin and Andy told me how to get to your blog. This is so delightful. Some day I am going to try to make a trip to see my sister and meet my neices & nephews. Your photos are great!Robin and Andy have told me so much about the kids and sent me photos. I’m glad they liked the toys. I know Charlie would want them to enjoy them. He loved children and I know he would have given anything to meet yours. I have 28 years of wonderful memories and stories from Charlie. Hope you are all doing well. The snow is beautiful.
    Love you All;
    Aunt Pat

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