The Learning Room

December 27-31

I so wanted to take this week off and organize the learning room and our files. But with all the time we took off for the fall I knew it was unfeasible. Especially since we are trying to stay on a schedule with the kids to develop other healthy family habits. So I forged ahead. It turned out to be a good, productive week. And I got to spend New Year’s weekend on the organizing part (what better weekend then this?).

Our emphasis in Language Arts is the Spelling Bee coming up (January 28th). Since the moderators did not get this year’s list to us until later then usual, we have dropped most other grammar work for now to concentrate on just spelling. We will pick up more grammar starting in February. They both practiced at, each choosing which words they thought they needed help with…and also helped each other study their lists. Other then that, we are doing a lot of reading. Lily is reading a lot on her own and to the littles. Gabe’s always reading and has been more helpful (of his own accord) and patient with reading to 18 month old Ivy. It’s sweet, really!

 With Math we did the usual but added in learning about fractals. I got this new book in to preview (The Snowflake: Winter’s Beauty Secret) and it is breathtaking to look at. It reminded me of last year’s study of Snowflake Bentley and so I dug up that triangle grid sheet and we made snowflake fractals, poured over the beautiful pictures in this book and read the Shapes Convention chapter (about fractals…cute story!)  from the Fractals, Googles, and other Mathematical Tales. It was a fun day.

Gabe worked on his chapter 11 Math U See (learning averages) which turned into a discussion with dad later that night about statistics and projecting for dice games (he was playing Farkle at the time). I had Lily read me The Coin Counting Book and we did the practice work from this book. I mainly wanted to emphasize with her how us learning to skip count (a thing she hates) ties in with learning about money. She grumbled when the problems got harder but I made us persevere. Her hardest is counting quarters. She has a mental block that adding 25’s to each other is much too difficult. I know she will look back one day and say to herself, that’s actually the easy part!

With history we read chapter 5 of our Little House in the Big Woods book, worked on lapbooks some more, listened to some fiddle music, learned the song “Pop Goes the Weasel”, read some more from If You Were a Pioneer, read a Laura Ingalls Wilder biography and two more of the My First Little House series: Winter on the Farm and A Deer in the Wood. We did narrations on the bio to add to their lapbooks.

Science was the most fun for the kids this week. Since the kids have all been to the dentist in the past two weeks, and since we forgot to take back our library books, and since I found an old pulled molar of mine while getting out the tooth fairy pillow for Lily (who lost another tooth this week), we decided to reread Open Wide (which thrilled the kids). They were amazed at my tooth and feeling real bone and getting to see a real cavity. We followed that with some fun brushing teeth video watching, more fun reading, practice brushing our teeth properly, and labeling a tooth chart. Everyone, including littles, loved this subject and participated with rapt attention. LOVE when that happens!

Fun Dental Books we read:

Fun Dental Resources:

We also read three books for our forest study: The Skunk at Hemlock Circle, Whose Tracks Are These?, and Jim Arnosky’s Animal Tracking. The kids thought the first okay but loved both the second and third and had so much fun following clues and guessing which animal tracks they had found.

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